Availity Update

Are you and your team prepared? Because February 5, 2024, will be here before you know it. That’s the date of General Availability when all Highmark providers will have access to Availity®.

How to Get Ready

  1. Already Registered with Availity – If you already have an account, that’s great! Start using Availity now for your Highmark transactions in the regions where you are contracted.
  2. Not Sure If Your Organization Is Registered – Ask your office manager. If your organization is registered, your Availity Essentials administrator can create an account for you.
  3. Not Registered – If your organization doesn’t have an account, register for Availity today. By signing up now, you and your team will be ready to start using Availity on February 5.

Please note that Availity takes the confidentiality of patient and provider data very seriously. It’s one of the reasons Highmark chose to work with Availity. Before you can register your organization, Availity will first verify your identity with a few questions unique to you to prevent imposters from accessing protected health information (PHI) and financial data.

Registration Resources

For additional assistance, call 800-AVAILITY (282-4548) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).

Transition Checklist


  • Does your provider office or facility have a registered organization in Availity?
  • Have accounts been created for all team members in Availity?*
  • Have all billing providers been added under your organization in Availity?


  • Do you have team members who are unfamiliar with Availity?
    After you get your Essentials account, join us for free training hosted by Availity and Highmark trainers. NOTE: Registered users will receive an email invitation from Availity in January. Make sure to check your inbox.

  • Unable to attend live training?
    View recorded Training sessions in the Availity Learning Center. To access, log into Availity, select Help & Training | Get Trained and the Availity Learning Center opens. Type "Highmark" into the search field.

  • Be sure to review the Crosswalk from Highmark to Availity Essentials topic.
    This helpful resource will show you how to find all the tools and functions you need to work with Highmark on Essentials. To access, log into Availity, select Help & Training | Find Help and the Provider Help Center will open. Type “Highmark Crosswalk” into the search field.

Systems and Vendors

  • Have you updated any internal systems connected to the NaviNet portal?
  • Do you work with a third party, such as a billing service, clearinghouse, or service bureau?
  • If yes, the vendor should register its own account by following the instructions listed here.

HEALTHeNET Applications to Be Decommissioned in Q1 of 2024

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield will discontinue the use of the HEALTHeNET portal and related applications in the new year. Providers are encouraged to start using Availity to access this information going forward. To register for Availity, go here.

In addition, access to several applications — including Risk Manager and Best Practice reports — will migrate from HEALTHeNET to Availity.

Please review the upcoming changes below:

  • Access to these HEALTHeNET applications for Highmark members will be ending in the first quarter of 2024:
    • Late February 2024
      • Provider Inquiry

    • Late March 2024
      • Claim Status Inquiry
      • Eligibility and Benefits
      • NETeXCHANGE – Eligibility and Benefits batch transactions
      • Provider Inquiry Summary
      • Referral / Authorization Status Inquiry
      • Referral Request

Risk Manager and Best Practice — Only Available via Availity Starting on April 1, 2024

Access to these applications via the WNYHEALTHeCOMMUNITY website for Highmark Blue Shield providers will end on March 31, 2024:

  • Risk Manager
    • Available via the Risk Manager tile on the Availity Payer Spaces page.
  • Best Practice / Pay for Performance / Pending Claims reports
    • Available via the Provider Facing Analytics tile on the Availity Payer Spaces page.

Additional Resources

Registration Guides

Reference Guides

PRC Resources

Transition Timeline

The transition to Availity will occur in stages. Here’s what you can expect going forward:

  1. February 5, 2024
  2. Availity will be available for all Highmark providers.

  3. March 2024
  4. Providers will no longer have access to NaviNet or HEALTHeNET (NY).*

    *More information on the retiring of existing portal(s) will be distributed as it becomes available. If you don’t already receive emails for our provider newsletters, join our eSubscribe list today.

(Note: Highmark Wholecare and Highmark Health Options will not transition to Availity; providers should continue to use their current portals for transactions related to these plans.)

Availity is an independent company that contracts with Highmark to offer provider portal services.

NaviNet is a registered trademark of NaviNet Inc., which is an independent company that provides a secure, web-based portal between providers and health insurance companies.